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Bitcoin Block Reward Halving  What is it, and why is it HUGE for BTC Buyers & Miners What is BITCOIN halving? Why Bitcoin is heading towards a huge mining problem Bitcoin Halving 2020  Bitcoin Halving Effect on Price  BTC Price Prediction 2020 ▶️ Bitcoin Halving 2020: The Great Crypto Pump  EP#314

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Bitcoin Block Reward Halving What is it, and why is it HUGE for BTC Buyers & Miners

Now the 12.5 Bitcoin block reward is once again, being halved and will now reduce to 6.25 Bitcoins per block. This reduces the daily issuance of BTC Bitcoins from 1,800 Bitcoin mined or created ... Bitcoin halved yesterday! Bitcoin rewards are halved every 210,000 blocks mined and generally occur every 4 years and this JUST HAPPENED. So why does this ma... After having, the bitcoin mining reward gets halved and the miners receive 50% fewer bitcoins for verifying blocks. This event is very important to the Bitcoin traders and the cryptocurrency space ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue What is Bitcoin halving? Think of mining gold. The LESS gold there is available to mine, the MORE valuable it becomes because of its SCARCITY. And it is EXACTLY THE SAME with BITCOIN. Every 10 ...