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[Questions] Bitcoin exchanges, etc. AND Mining

Sorry if this is obvious, I recently became interested in btc (and trading it like any other currency).
The exchanges I am aware of are Mt.Gox, Btc-E, and Bitstamp. I tend to ramble, so i'll try to keep this short:
  1. Is any other exchanges I should look at? Are any of these better than the others? (I know you all don't like Mt.Gox very much as of now)
  2. Is there a way to look up lag time for each exchange? Is it usually minutes or seconds?
  3. I noticed each exchange has different prices. at the time of writing, Mt.G is at 90, Btc-E is at 92, and Bitstamp is at 88. These numbers were farther apart right after the crash. Will these slowly all approach the same number? Do people make money buying on one exchange and selling on another?
  4. Do you have any general advice for buying selling bitcoin?
  5. I'm planning on using Btc-E and buying bitcoins using bitinstant, pushing it to my Qt wallet, and transferring it to Btc-E from there. Is there a more efficient way to push cash to Btc-E? I'm only going to push 20USD for now, just as an experiment.
  6. Is there any risk with holding USD in Btc-E? Is there something safer?
  7. A few days ago, prices were fluxating between 60 and 90 (by the half hour). Now it's pretty stable. Is this good for the strength of bitcoin? Will people take it more seriously?
  8. NEWQUESTION Is there any way to get bitcoin historical prices in csv (or any other easily parsed format)(from any exchange) like the yahoo's ichart csv (download)? NEWQUESTION Will the influx of these new ASICS affect the price of bitcoins? up? down?
Mining: My hardware is a 5770 graphics card which from bitcoin.it says I'll get about 200 MH/s. I'm hoping to make at least a buck a day (mining in a pool), again more just as an experiment.
  1. If I use linux, and don't run a DE, could I increase my MH/s? Would it be noticeable?
  2. What are your thoughts on ASICS? Is it thought that butterflylabs may be a scam? How about Avalon? Would buying one on ebay result in an unhappy scammed DrWoollyNipples?
  3. Is there any information on how these ASICS work? I'm very curious in the technology and any links would be appreciated.
Thanks, you all are amazing. Sorry for so many questions.
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Cryptocurrency Scams To Avoid - RockItCoin Don't Get Ripped Off Buying Bitcoin or Mining Contracts on eBay Bitcoin Evolution Walkthrough: SCAM OR LEGIT? 2020 Live ... The Scariest Online Shopping Scam  eBay Allows Scammer to Steal $1,500 Top 7 eBay Scam Stories & How the Cases Resolved - More ...

Bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency project. P2P means that there is no central authority … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoinforum. log in sign up. User account menu. 1. HELP possible Ebay Scam, is THIS a REAL Avalon batch2 reciept?? - Bitcoin Forum. Close. 1. Posted by. u/bitcoinforum. 6 years ago ... Ein Bitcoin ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) ist eine spezielle Hardware zum Minen von Bitcoins. Oftmals werde diese auch als Bitcoin-Generator bezeichnet. Parameter wie Hash-Rate, Stromverbrauch und Preis sind hierbei essentiell. DIe bekanntestes ASICs sind die von Antminer, Avalon und Jackson. Bitcoin Miners for Sale on eBay or Amazon. If you’re a hobby miner who wants to buy a couple rigs for your house, eBay and Amazon both have some decent deals on mining hardware. Used Bitcoin Mining Hardware for Sale. Both new and used bitcoin mining rigs and ASICs are available on eBay. One may want to buy used ASIC mining hardware on eBay because you can get better prices. eBay’s customer ... Erfahrungen mit dem Anzeigen-Portal von eBay - Betrugsfälle Technische Fragen Allgemeines zu eBay Kleinanzeigen Quoka Kalaydo Bitcoin-Qt ist ein Open-Source-Projekt und derzeit einer der sichersten Vertreter unter den Mining-Clients. Hier müssen Sie sich nicht um eventuelle Angriffe auf Ihr virtuelles Geld sorgen. Ebenfalls Open-Source und vertrauenswürdig ist Electrum.Das Tool punktet mit einer 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung, dem Support von Add-ons und der Möglichkeit, Ihre Keys jederzeit in andere Bitcoin-Clients ...

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Cryptocurrency Scams To Avoid - RockItCoin

For in-depth buying advice, including a FREE checklist, visit https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/advice/buying-and-selling-a-bike/used-bike... Sign up to Bitcoin Evolution today: https://bit.ly/3jm3wCL Bitcoin Evolution is a bitcoin trading robot that helps traders generate thousands of dollars pe... 2:51 - The SCAM 4:44 - How it Works 5:57 - eBay's Mistake 7:14 - Needed Docs 8:49 - 2nd Mistake 10:36 - Help Outside eBay 11:21 - Best Online Protection 12:00 - CC Chargebacks 13:13 - Updates from ... Was passiert bei Avalon Life? Was kannst du tun? Wenn du hier investiert hast, solltest du jetzt handeln. Das Pura Wallet kannst du hier herunterladen: https... There are some cryptocurrency scams that we want you to be aware of. First, never pay a utility bill or any other government organization using Bitcoin. These are scams and should be reported ...